PTSD Beautiful Trauma

An expulsive cataclysm of the soul

Time to speak out loud about what’s symbolism and totem animals are all about. Since I am not an expert, nor have any dregrees in science or totemology:) I leave you with one of my references, since at least 20 years?

That time I had my first encounters with Native Americans Indians from Canadian Tribe Blackfeet and Goodstriker Family ( Rufus was a Medicine Man in 90s, we met in Repubblica di San Marino ). His **presence** was calm and very much powerful. From 1994 to 1999, I was coping with meds treatments and lost part of my memory. It was the beginning of some process, that I couldn’t identify, near to a Rebirth and Consciousness expansion. At that right moment, I was thinking that I was going insane when doctor said it was okay and that awakening was a miracle. He forecasted my mother that I would recollect my memory loss in 20 years. Are you serious?

Great Kainai Chief Rufus Goodstriker

Rufus and George Goodstriker in Rimini, Italy (1998).

Avia What your Sign

Since 90s, I keep awaken to symbols and animals leading me through adversities as silent guides. We are not alone.

This web page

If you want more and need to pass to next level: go for a Walk in a Labyrinth.


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