What’s your Totem Animal?

Your Magic guide in the Night.

Time to speak out loud about what’s symbolism and totem animals are all about. Since I am not an expert, nor have any dregrees in science or totemology:) I leave you with one of my references, since at least 20 years?

That time I had my first encounters with Native Americans Indians from Canadian Tribe Blackfeet and Goodstriker Family ( Rufus was a Medicine Man in 90s, we met in Repubblica di San Marino ). His **presence** was calm and very much powerful. From 1994 to 1999, I was coping with meds treatments and lost part of my memory. It was the beginning of some process, that I couldn’t identify, near to a Rebirth and Consciousness expansion. At that right moment, I was thinking that I was going insane when doctor said it was okay and that awakening was a miracle. He forecasted my mother that I would recollect my memory loss in 20 years. Are you serious?

Great Kainai Chief Rufus Goodstriker

Rufus and George Goodstriker in Rimini, Italy (1998).

Avia What’s your Sign

Since 90s, I keep awaken to symbols and animals leading me through adversities as silent guides. We are not alone.

This web page Whats-your-sign.com

If you want more and need to pass to next level: go for a Walk in a Labyrinth.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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