Why Myths Still Matter (Part Four): Facing Your Inner Minotaur and Following Your Ariadnean Thread.

Why the psychotherapy process requires heroic courage.

Metaphorically speaking, we each must meet the Minotaur lurking in the shadowy labyrinth some day. Often, this occurs during the psychotherapy process.

The central theme is, in my view, that even if the minotaur is killed, because there could be the possibility of a real battle with it/him, the first thing you have to do is to recognize it/him; from this you can start the real descent into the underworld and so the battle, that is the descent into yourself and the battle within.

What is the Minotaur? First, the Minotaur represents our primal fear of the unconscious.

The unconscious is that which is unknown to us. For this reason, we humans are born not only with an instinctive fear of the unknown and of death, but also an archetypal fear of the unconscious. This is one of the factors that make the psychotherapy process so threatening: a profound fear of encountering our own unconscious, of entering the dark, lonely labyrinth and meeting the Minotaur.

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Why Myths Still Matter (Part Four): Facing Your Inner Minotaur and Following Your Ariadnean Thread | Psychology Today

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