Oh, well, perfect topic. One of my school friends is struggling with alchool addiction and anorexia, since 25 years now! One topic I recognize is giving others too much power. She is not going out her home cos she feels too fat, and needs a bottle to face others. In my poor opinion, she lives with a man who is not really helping her, and parents are not helpful neither. Her mom is on the meds side. This means she is been addicted to sedative and other chemicals plus alcover …. I dunno really how she can get on …. her body is very strong; she tried to reach me for help, after trying to reach everybody in our community. She tried rehab a few times, failing. I feel like she is really in “poisoning shelter” where her environement take decisions at her place, and they don’t let her becoming an adult. Sorry for this upsetting story. I appreciate your work here. Antonella