When I read that my friends in GB/UK were vaccinating I did not sleep for three days.
Ok, they are all ex-military, so in a certain way they are used to follow orders and obey, right?

Now, this is not a regular vaccine, it’s a new bio technology that is using millions of people as guinea pig.

I am not a rebel without a cause, I listen to my doctor who is more qualified than a politician.

I also TALK with people who are not decided and want to go for shopping, or restaurants, and FEAR loosing their job !!!!!

What are we talking about? Shall I follow a 20 yo young woman who NEEDS to go for shopping otherwise her life is making an echo she can’t bear? Shall I follow my co-worker who wants her salsa class? or keeping the lifestyle?

Are you teaching your sons to obey to rules from insane governements? So they can keep going to disco and school? in the era of internet?

What would our grandfathers say?