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Antonella “Nell” Barberini alias Parisian Sparkle and pen name Diana White.

Antonella Barberini, writing as name de plume Diana White, was born in Rimini, Italy, in 1974. Her artistic personality grates on a macho society that doesn’t nurture or value women who are strong and free, sensitive and intelligent, preferring instead only physical beauty. A regressive environment of eternal adolescents encouraged her to give up everything to seek refuge abroad. Today she is advocating for mental health awareness, suicide and burnout prevention, cooperating with combat veterans by supporting warrior retreats for shamanic healing, and sharing her talents, gifts, and coping skills, on social media and books.


Her book “Holy Sh*t, Wonder Woman.” (self-help guideline in the aftermath of terror attacks, with exclusive interviews to veterans on anxiety, trauma recovery, and copings with PTSD) is late but will be OUT soon. In order to support the launch of her book, as Parisian Sparkle, she is NOW OPEN on Etsy. 50% of the proceeds go to Warrior Quest Usa in partnership with Lance Supernaw, veteran pararescue, and amazing Warrior.

Lance Supernaw co-founder of no-profit Warrior Quest Usa

My Teamwork.

Veteran combat pilot and poet-in-residence for the Military Academy Performing Arts, Karl Tearney, active pararescue and leader tactical athlete coach Mike Chadwick, active law enforcement officer Badge Tony (podcasting The Spark demons within), tactical coach for police Erika Chadwick, veteran airforce, law enforcement officer and author Michael J. Sugrue, veteran marine and firefighter Nick Lorenz, veteran Royal Scot Dragoon and hypnotherapist Gareth Evans, veteran paratrooper and yoga teacher Dan Nevins, veteran navy and enneagram mentor Sabrina Ciaciura… last but not least, Nazim Artist, painter and beautiful soul. 

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I strongly support you and I like your approach to mental health.

Nazim Artist
Nazim Artist, Los Angeles, CA
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