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Antonella Barberini, writing as Diana White Thunder-Moon, was born in 1974 in a small Italian fishing village. From a very young age she felt a calling to study foreign cultures and languages. After graduating from Tourism high school in Rimini, she traveled extensively not only to see foreign lands but to begin her inner child’s journey of healing for long-held emotional wounds.

  • As a Traveler, she was searching for a spiritual connection, quite possibly even to past lives and soul footprints. In 1999, she visited Lakota Sioux Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and Wounded Knee in South Dakota to honor the Great American Indian chiefs Sitting Bull, Red Cloud, and Crazy Horse.
  • Spoiler 1** “Thunder-Moon” originated during this trip.

At age 25, she learned what a “red apple” is (red outside, white inside), how to spot Indian Wannabes, and that a Pow Wow is just tourist folklore, not the traditional ceremony that you can expect from true Native American cultures. She often found herself repeating in front of the mirror, “You were not born a Native American, just accept it.” Only, even as a little girl, she knew her heart was buried in Wounded Knee….

  • As a Catalyst and Special Event Organizer back in Italy in the early 2000s, the scales of the idealized Hollywood American Indian life having fallen from her eyes, she engaged with artists, dancers, and actors from a Canadian Blackfoot Tribal family to organize festivals in the spirit of the “Human Be-Ins” of the late 60s. She received sponsorship from the Woodstock Nation Foundation, the last stand of an old Dutch hippie family from Bethel’s farm, NY who eventually left for a pilgrimage to California to support hemp for therapeutic use in 2004. She also started a collaboration with an Italian ethnologist, Carla Fornasari, whose Apache name, Red Eagle Woman, was received in a traditional naming ceremony when they adopted her (note that her contemporary Italian Academics labelled her “crazy”). Fornasari had a dream of bringing Native American Culture studies into the Italian public education system through her center near Modena. She introduced me to humanitarians like Rolex-award-winning surgeon Aldo Lo Curto and missionary Don Arrigo Allevi, both working in the Amazon to defend local heritage against cultural and spiritual abuse. She demonstrated her great potential to connect with people all over the world long before Facebook and smart phones!
  • As Empath and HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), Antonella was drawn to helps those struggling through tough life experiences like drug and alcohol addictions, losses due to painkiller abuse, or her own struggles. In her twenties she was diagnosed schizophrenia, OCD, depression, eating disorders, self-injury disorder, and suicidal thoughts or attempts.

In late 2007, at 33, a soul-searching trip to Chilian Patagonia brought an unexpected romance and an opportunity to take the leap of faith she had been looking for. The romantic tide pulled her to France where she learned how to start all over again in a foreign country, one she initially felt was hostile (and that accent, oh la la!). Unfortunately, her Prince Charming eventually showed his near-perfect Narcissist personality disorder, rupturing emotional wounds not yet quite healed. What followed was a long season of self-cleansing and growth under the guidance of Marie-France Hirigoyen, a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst. From Hirigoyen she learned the finer points of that pathological disorder and was able to deal with the situation before it was too late. Cry me a river.

  • As an Author and Storyteller, she finally opens up about her hospitalization in early 90s and talks about her early calls for help, and also for action. American self-help newsletters and manuals from the seventies always served as models and inspired change, from Alcoholic Anonymous literature to Self-Esteem comes in all sizes by Carol Johnson to Women who love too much by Norwood Robin.
Real name: Antonella Barberini.

Spoiler 2** Her pen name, Diana White, is a wink to fans of the original Wonder Woman (purchase my first book if you want to find out more — great stocking stuffer!). It evokes the pioneering female crime fiction writers whose books she loved as a young girl.

Today she lives in a suburb of Paris where she works for a global American corporation. In the last 15 years she has received training in sign language, mind management, relaxation/yoga, and spiritual practices like mindfulness and breathing techniques. Her therapeutic method using guided meditations (please note that she leads meditation only as a volunteer) comes from Catherine Aliotta’s Sophrology Institute in Paris. She is taking advantage of the present pandemic to work with a native-English professional on the American English translation of her first self-help guide with keys to Self-Development, Change, and Transformation.

Check out Diana’s Amazon Author Page here.

Dances with Wolves.

Comments from Readers, about Diana’s PTSD Advocacy, until NOW :

Séb was diagnosed with OCD and spent 6 months in hospital for major depression. He is now into mindfulness meditation and coping with it. Good luck, dear, you have all it takes x
Frosty Crow is an American musician, poet and actress diagnosed with PTSD and schizophrenia. She is very motivational and sexy 😉 uh!
In my article on 9/11, I was comparing post-traumatic reaction in the aftermath of Paris terror attacks (2015) and New York’s apocalypse (2001).
A young Caregiver reacted to my article on 8 Keys to Resilience published on This is PTSD in 2018.

“Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness.” 

— Allen Ginsberg

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