PTSD Beautiful Trauma

an expulsive cataclysm of the soul


Antonella Barberini

Empathic, Highly Sensitive Person and Warrior.

In september 2015, I am diagnosed with sleep burn out, it means that I can’t rest more than 3 hours per night (the best way to die for chronique fatigue and exhaustion on a long term), due to post traumatic stress disorders linked with Paris terror attacks.

Denial has been ruling my life until that right moment.

Well, thanks to a psychoterapist, I start a Self discovery talk therapy. But I choose to follow any medical treatments, and my french physician, who is a real healer, agrees completely. He suggests me to walk en plein air, look at the clouds… and find my Purpose.

Which I do.

The recover comes with practice of Yoga, expressing my Self through Creativity and writing a memoir, which becomes a book, further than a personal journal.

Letting go, stop Overthinking and Mindful Meditation help me transforming my everyday life, and boost the right and positive attitude to move forward.

After sick leave, I take over my job again, gradually, on a part time regular bases. It’s still in progress, but I can’t wait for being able, on that glorious day, to finally say, that I am at the break point with my job carrier.

Which way? Mine.






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