They haven’t yet built a filter that makes lazy look like the calloused hands of a future champion. They haven’t yet built a filter that turns the empty talk of “wants” and “will be’s,” of “will have’s” and “should be’s,” into the quiet walk of “have dones” and “will do agains”. They haven’t yet built a filter that paints the sky the colour of the kind of fire that only burns deep inside and late at night. The kind of fire that can’t be extinguished or diminished by anything but a full throttle, full-body, full-throated front assault on our own potential. They haven’t yet built a filter that transforms a selfie into self-confidence.

The way only progress after failure, after failure, after soul-shaping failure, as the pain erasing power to do it. They haven’t yet built a filter that echoes louder than the snake oil salesman whispering resistance in the tall grass of our caveman minds. They haven’t yet built a filter that converts inspiration into action; action into resiliance; that transmogrifies resiliance into trust, and trust into patience; and patience into victories. Patience can’t be downloaded. Can’t be photo-shopped and cropped into existence. Can’t be sold, borrowed, shared, hurried or happened upon along the news feed of least resistance. Patience can’t be faked, like a smile. They haven’t yet built a filter that gets the alchemy of victory quite right. When most of us are dropping unmeasured drips of ambition and ego and pride into the beaker of our days. When most of us are dripping unmeasured drops of hope and luck and fear beneath the microscope of our gaze.

The calloused hands of the future champion know to measure and mix two parts patience for every one part hustle. She knows patience without hustle is procrastination. And hustle without patience is merely masturbation. He knows patience is the second language learned mostly through immersion. He knows patience is a bushwhacked excursion through the thickets of a lived life. He knows patience isn’t a wild moment that can be captured like a photograph; can be tamed like a line of code; can be bought and sold like a smart phone. They haven’t yet built a filter that makes time under tension so sexy it grabs our attention. That makes patience look pristine. That makes the podium seem surperfluous, to the dream.

888 : Angels Sign Number that takes you to the next Step!

The hardest and deepest spiritual lessons are learned after a dark night of the soul. When everything you hold dear is taken from you and you are left with nothing.

Just got through this revelation number and coincidence in a time of my life in which I am feeling blooming and rising up from ashes in all terms. Well, I dunno where you are in your Spiritual Path compared to my understanding of Universe and its laws. Lately, in my morning hours I use to address my Self to Divine Cosmic Energy like a Divine Matrix that I feel feminine and loving, and holding my Guardian Angel’s stone in my hand.
Angels, I dunno much about it, but I believe in signs and Universe Emotional Intelligence, that speaks out loud sometimes and when you least expect it.
As you can notice, I am not posting much lately, and I am busy taking one day at the time. Soon it will be holiday vacations for me. Back to my family and sources. I am opening my self to others much more than in the past, and new people are coming toward me, nice people who share same experiences in life and who like to laugh 🙂

Btw I won’t tell you more in details, here, it’s not my purpose. Just want to share this link I have been surfing through to get the meaning and message behind “888”. Feel free to share, to ask questions and if you are not scared, leave a comment.

Please, Keep your Values Up !

Cheers xx


The Spiritual Meaning of Angel Number 888

If you’ve been seeing angel number 888 repeatedly and you’re wondering what it means then you are in the right place.

It’s no accident that you are seeing this number over and over again. It has a special meaning and it’s important that you understand how it relates to your life at this time.

Seeing repeated numbers is one way that the angels try to send you messages, guidance, and advice.

They also create magical synchronicities, sending you people and events that will aid you in your quest to become your true self. Angels also communicate using symbols, patterns, and dreams.

5 meanings of Angel Number 888

The number 888 has many spiritual messages for you to understand. During meditation, I have connected with the angels and asked them what they are trying to say when they send us angel number 888. Here is what they revealed to me:

1st Meaning of 888: Step into material abundance

888 is a number of infinite abundance.

In Chinese numerology, 888 symbolizes material wealth and good fortune. I believe this holds true across the world, not just in China.

If you turn the number 8 on its side you get the symbol for infinity.

At a surface level, this means that you have been working hard and you will soon reap the reward in terms of financial abundance and material wealth. You should expect money to come your way soon.

2nd meaning of 888: Abundance is more than material things

Whilst material wealth is nice to have, there’s another type of abundance that the angels want you to know about: The Universe’s infinite possibilities.

In your journey to become your true self and live your soul purpose, you will need to make many connections, develop new skills and acquire resources.

Seeing 888 repeatedly is a message from the angels that the universe is here to support you and will send you everything you need at the right time. The universe is infinite in its possibilities and you need to understand this at a deep level if you are to fulfill your divine quest.


Keep asking the universe for what you need and believe that the universe will hear you. Understand that everything is unfolding in line with divine timing. When the time is right, the universe will send you what you need to evolve into your true self.

If you want to discover how Divine Timing is playing out in your life then I highly recommend that you get a numerology reading. Based on your name and date of birth, this reading will help you understand the numerological frequencies you resonate with which in turn, shows you how the cycles of time operate in your life. It will also help you understand your unique gifts and what role you have in the divine play. Click here to get your reading. The initial reading is free. And like me, I’m sure you’ll find it uncannily accurate.

3rd meaning of 888: You have learned a deep spiritual lesson

Sometimes you will see 888 after a period of hardship in your life.

This could be in your relationships, work life or finances. Although you still might be licking your wounds and reeling from the situation, seeing 888 is a reminder that you will grow stronger because of it.


The hardest and deepest spiritual lessons are learned after a dark night of the soul. When everything you hold dear is taken from you and you are left with nothing.

It is in this place of darkness that you realize that you are free from expectation about who and what you should be. And you come to realize that you can be anything you want. To remind you of this, the angels will send you the number 888. Letting you know that you are not alone and that you have the universes’ support and guidance to see you through this dark time.

4th meaning of 888: You are aligning with your truth

If you’ve found yourself disagreeing with others recently and saying no a lot then this means that you are aligning with your truth. Perhaps you’ve recently looked at your community, society, and the world and you have a deep sense that something is wrong.

You’re being sent angel number 888 as a confirmation that you are living in alignment with your truth.

Each of us has choices to make about our values and what we believe to be true.

When you find yourself in situations that don’t resonate with your truth you feel uneasy.

You are strong enough to say no, to demand changes and to make your voice heard.

The angels are with you and the universe will support you all the way.


5th Meaning of 888: Listen to your intuition to live up to your full potential

Right now, you are at a crossroads.

There’s the path that society wants you to take, and there’s the path that the universe wants you to take. You know what feels right for you but you’re finding it difficult to step onto the path that’s right for you.

Seeing 888 repeatedly is a warning sign. You must listen to your intuition and allow it to guide you onto the right path. If you don’t you will end up living a lie and not living up to your full potential.

Listen to your intuition, follow your heart.

Seeing 888 when you are at a crossroad in your life is a reminder for you to believe that your intuition will lead you down the path that will see you live up to your full potential and fulfill your divine purpose.

What to do if you see 888 repeatedly

Now you know the meaning of 888 its important that you listen to what the angels are trying to tell you and make changes in your life.

In my channeling sessions, the most important lesson the angels wished to impart is that of self-confidence and self-belief.

You need to recognize your own strengths, understand that you are a highly advanced spiritual being that has a gift to share with the world. Believe in yourself. Believe that you can live life on your terms, in line with your values and that it can be filled with abundance.




Mystic Signs: Dawn of New Life?


Before sharing next article, with courtesy of The,  I want to tell you of  a strange thing that happened to me, when I almost turned into madness, before my sick leave was due.

One afternoon, I was walking on the sidewalk, to the supermarket, when I found this watercolor on the hedge. Middle of nowhere. A long hair woman walking on the beach with a long summer dress, a hat on her hand, and a shell on her ear, her eyes closed. My Italian sister is quite a believer, and she told me that a shell in christian symbolism means “listen”.

Well, me too, I was in the middle of nowhere, playing the hamster wheel in my job, unhealthy relationships, far from my true, higher Self. No purpose at all. At the same time, feathers came on my way. Any kind of feathers, just anywhere …. and I did a research, to debunk the code of what was the meaning behind it. Have a guess. Well, what the fuck is this reality? Is it a joke? Lila, as indians say, the “big Game”.

Where do these signs come from? Which level of vibration? Is My Counsciousness trying to tell me there is more than what we think? What I think….

Isn’t being anxious a strong demand of deep faith? Are we not asking to the Great, Invisible Mystery to manifest in our life just to comfort us, and show us that this spiritual and physical pain is useful, somehow?

For the end of the story, at that present moment I didn’t have my smart phone yet, and no chance to take a picture of that watercolor, that I didn’t want to touch, as if it was sacred. Then, when I came back, from my shopping, the painting was gone.


Here in this dark night, the lifelong ego sense dies: impotent. Having fulfilled its part, now weak and incompetent, it is dissolved — transmuted. From a higher sense now awakening within you, you slough off your false sense of self. You now know yourself to be a different person than you thought you were. Your ego was merely experiencing some of the attributes, some of the qualities, of your true nature, while at the same time obstructing others.

You, in passing successfully through the dark night, enter the realms of higher consciousness. You’ve been cleansed of the most deep-rooted sickness: your ignorance of your true nature and your inadequate, often totally wrong opinion of who you are. You now cease your inner conflict and abide serenely in your true nature. The night is over. The dawn of a new life in higher consciousness transforms your bleak life of the past few months into one with a heavenly nature. You have been delivered of the intolerable bondage to ego.

Henceforth, you will walk the earth seeing others afresh, living a new life, and abiding in your true nature. You have become a son or daughter of higher consciousness. Now your words and actions will be attuned with your true self. Now you express inspiration and comfort.

The dark night has passed. It is over.

What must the caterpillar do that it may one day fly?

Subconjunctival Hemorrhage. Or blood burst of the Mind.

Stress, here we go again, I woke up in the morning, and after my gums infections, I got this red eye, or burst blood, on my left eye.

Doctors say it’s nothing at all, blood pressure is fine and I am having all my vitamins.

Ok, I left the blog behind for a week, cos I am muting service. Since it’s not terrific, never mind, I had the chance to come back to the previous service. And it’s still temporary. My HR assistant is still not understanding which are my priorities, furthermore if I reject any missions I am fired.

Occupational medicine is supporting me, so I took this rendez vous with my actual doctor, and he did what it was needed to do. We’ll see how things evolve, in the mean time, I am preparing my italian CV and see what I can do to create this nice, peaceful and meaningful picture called …future.

Btw, broken blood finally shows what’s going on INSIDE of My Heart. It’s nothing at all, doctor says, it will reabsorb and heal it self. Alright. Heart can heal it self, too. With a bunch of Self Love, of course.

Yeah, eyes are the window of our Soul. Did you know?


Park Slope Eye

You were having a great day until someone looked at you and said “Oh my god! Your eye is bleeding!” You head to the mirror and you are taken back at what you see. Your eye wasn’t bothering you but you are stunned to see the normally white part of you eye is bright red. You can’t recall anything happening to your eye, it doesn’t hurt and your vision seems to be fine as well. The good news is that this is typically something that looks way worse than what it really is. This frightfully appearing condition is most likely to be diagnosed as a subconjunctival hemorrhage, a broken blood vessel.

When a tiny blood vessel breaks just underneath the clear cellophane like layer of your eye (conjunctiva), the trapped blood spreads out quickly, leaving you with a grossly red eye. This is the equivalent of a broken blood vessel…

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The Warrior archetype.

The hero’s journey is first about taking a journey to find the treasure of your true Self.

Some people, we say, have soul. They have loved, they have suffered, they have a deep sense of life’s meaning. Perhaps most important, they know who they are.

Other people seem to have lost their souls. They may have material possessions – the right house, the right car, the right job, the right clothes; they may even have a stable family life and be religious. But inside themselves, they feel empty. Even when they go through the right motions, it is movement without meaning.

The heroic quest is about saying yes to yourself and, in so doing, becoming more fully alive and more effective in the world. For the hero’s journey is first about taking a journey to find the true self , and then about returning home to give your gift to help transform the kingdom – and, in the process, your own life.



When most of us think of the hero, we imagine a Warrior. The Warrior escapes from a confining environement and begins the journey in search of a treasure. On the journey, he or she is called upon to face and slay many dragons. Such heroes have courage and subscribe to high ideals, and they are willing to risk their very lives to defend their kingdoms and their honor or to protect the weak from harm.

Goal: Win, get own way, make a difference through struggle

Fear: Weakness, powerlessness, impotence, ineptitude

Response to Dragon/Problem: Slay, defeat, or convert it

Task: High-level assertiveness; fighting to what realy matters

Gift: Courage, discipline, skill

The Warrior within each of us calls us to have courage, strenght, and integrity; the capacity to make goals and to stick to them; and the ability to fight, when necessary, for ourselves or others. The Warrior exacts a high level of committement to our own integrity. Warriors live by, and when necessary fight for, their own principles and values even when doing so is economically or socially costly. In competition, it means doing your utmost best, and striving not only to win, but to play fair.

Warrioring is about claiming our power in the world, establishing our place in the world, and making the world a better place.

The well-developed internal Warrior is necessary, above all, to protect our boundaries. Without courageous, disciplined, and well-trained Warriors, the kingdom is always in danger of being ovverrun by the barbarians. Without a strong internal Warrior, we have no defense against the demands and intrusions of others. We live in a Warrior culture.

Today, when it is so clear that war cannot continue to be the way nations settle their differences, many people have negative feelings about the Warrior archetype.

Yet it is not the Warrior archetype that it is the problem, it is that we need to move to a higher level of the archetype. Without the ability to defend the boundaries, no civilization, country, organization, or individual is safe.

It takes high-level Warriors – whose weapons are skill, wit, and the ability to defend themselves legally and verbally or to organize support for their cause – to keep predatory, primitive Warriors in place.

We should never use the power of the sword, the pen or the word to harm another unnecessarily. We should always use the least force necessary, and the least punishing approach that can also appropriately protect the boundaries.

Finally, it is the Warrior within each of us that is humiliated if we let a wrong or slight go by and not do anything about it.

With courtesy of “Awakening the heroes within” by Carol S. Pearson