Being a “Gifted” Person. What a pressure?

Today I got this article in my mails, and I am glad to share the message this lady puts in her story. First, I never felt gifted for anything, except my writing skills, and yes, I have always wondered if writing books or articles could be a way for me to get to Success. InContinue reading “Being a “Gifted” Person. What a pressure?”

My inspired Tibetan Collection: Mala and Shamballa.

Creativity has become part of my life in the last few years. Macramé technique, shamballa and my own fantasy helped me discover my talent for jewelry artcrafting. The problem is, on the brand shall I put “Made in Italy”, because I am Italian, and our national brand is world renowned, and quality guarantee, or “Made inContinue reading “My inspired Tibetan Collection: Mala and Shamballa.”

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