Sliding doors: create your luck.

Create your luck by Sharon Walker Sun 13 Sep 2020 12.00 BST Last modified on Wed 16 Sep 2020 13.45 BST   Dr Christian Busch has had a lucky life. He narrowly escaped a catastrophic car accident at the age of 18. The car was wrecked but he walked away without a scratch. It was justContinue reading “Sliding doors: create your luck.”

Beautiful Minds. 11:11. What’s so sexy about math?

Eccentric only like a French Matematician can be, Cedric Villani talks about being Beautiful People with a Beautiful Mind. Do you like math? Despite at school I was a crap, today I associate it with God and the complexity and mistery of the Universe. With an amazing cast, starring: Ed Harris, Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connelly. TheContinue reading “Beautiful Minds. 11:11. What’s so sexy about math?”

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