Back for good.

Hi Crew. ** It’s reunion time here.**  Did you have a good year? or did you feel abandoned? This come back sounds pretty good to me, since I have a new Restart. First, I want you to **congratulate** with me:) If you read through my storytelling : in 2015 went through these Paris attacks ( aftermath ofContinue reading “Back for good.”

Terror victims study proves our resilience.

1 Floral tributes outside the Bataclan Theatre in memory of the victims of the Paris attacks Patricia Casey Email On Friday, November 13 2015, a series of terror attacks erupted in Paris. They were mercilessly launched on people gathered at various social outlets and events in order to maximise the carnage. A football match wasContinue reading “Terror victims study proves our resilience.”

PTSD Poetry Books: The Unravelled Heart by Kathy Parker.

And don’t ever be afraid to tell your story. Don’t ever feel it is too small, too insignificant, too humble. Don’t ever feel your voice is too faint to be heard. That your words are too shaky to hold their own ground. The world is already over-crowded with voices of self-importance; voices that make noiseContinue reading “PTSD Poetry Books: The Unravelled Heart by Kathy Parker.”

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