New York – Paris: same PTSD?

Bonsoir New York, Ciao America. Since a couple of years I am personally engaging with spreading PTSD awareness, in the aftermath of Paris attacks (january and november 2015). In a certain way, 11/13 was our 9/11. Thou my personal one didn’t show up in the news, cos of cover up (not saying it all here, blaming it’s not my purpose, really). In my case, I lost my job, and health, in next 6 months, with anxiety, and panic attacks, avoiding, hypervigilance, tachycardia, tremors, sleep burn out and emotional break down. Yes, I was a mess, but very few people could … Continue reading New York – Paris: same PTSD?

About Me – Storytime.

You wouldn’t recognize me through 2017 – 2018, I went from grey silver bob to shaved milkshake. People around me certainly thought I was mental, and whilst they were laughing at me, for my odd changing hairstyle ( in a Parisian posh region ) I became the master of my destiny. Who am I? In september 2015, I was diagnosed with burn out, it means that I couldn’t rest more than 3 hours per night (exhaustion and chronic fatigue), due to post traumatic stress disorders linked with Paris terror attacks and other related events. In my 45 years, until now, … Continue reading About Me – Storytime.