Now I rise – my first fundraising.

GOFUNDME Yes, I did it. My first fundraising is on line, now, you can find it here. I dunno what it will give, until the end of january 2020. And I don’t mind. It would be a pity not to give it a chance. For the short story, I choose Nôtre Dame as symbol of Wounded, after the fire broke on last 15th april. You already know my story, in case, here you have the resume plus the trigger article which convinced me to get involved and engage personally with writing and publishing. And now fundraising:) It’s Xmas Time, usually … Continue reading Now I rise – my first fundraising.

The Phoenix Rises!

Today, on my Facebook, a quote comes out from past year. It is a poem on “rising phoenix”, as following: The phoenix from the flame You will learn You will rise You’ll return Being what you are… There is no other Troy For you to burn My cousin was working on a poems book which actually manifested a few months later. On 13th december 2017 I went to visit him. He was promoting his first poems book on an evening in a Church. This is his kind of thing. He was speaking out his love for this girl (his bright … Continue reading The Phoenix Rises!