The Power of Oregano Oil and the Battlefield inside.

After my try with Garlic, I took over my daily hours job and for the side story, my gum disease got even worse. Next visit at the dentist will be in one month and a half. Yuk! The challenge is to get to 18th may in a good health condition and a big smile. You know, I have been through antibiotics, and perhaps developed an allergy, or whatever. Now, I found this miracle oil and I will go to the matterass with it and bacterias. If you wonder what’s the matter with writing about gums, in this blog, well, I … Continue reading The Power of Oregano Oil and the Battlefield inside.

Oil pulling.

Not so regular yet, but improving. Coconut Oil is my fave and I use it for plenty of things. Hair, as first. You feel so pampered. I fist learned how to oil pull about a year ago even though I’d heard the phrase much, much earlier than that. For some reason it sounded strange, technical, and maybe expensive like something you’d read about in Goop and only do at a high end zen spa. It’s actually not that technical and strange […] via What The Heck Is Oil Pulling? — The OM Project Continue reading Oil pulling.