Life Path 11 Inspired Healer

At any rate, I am convinced that God does not play dice. –Albert Einstein If you are diving into these pages, maybe you are another Wounded Healer, or Humanitarian, teacher, counsellour and spiritual leader, life coach or whatever it helps others to develop them selves and their potential. Definitely, I wasn’t surprised when I readContinue reading “Life Path 11 Inspired Healer”

888 : Angels Sign Number that takes you to the next Step!

The hardest and deepest spiritual lessons are learned after a dark night of the soul. When everything you hold dear is taken from you and you are left with nothing. *** Just got through this revelation number and coincidence in a time of my life in which I am feeling blooming and rising up fromContinue reading “888 : Angels Sign Number that takes you to the next Step!”

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