Ralph Smart Predictions: 2020 is here. Ready?

Whatever you might think, this is one of my best motivators who have been my GOOD COMPANY during my dark night, when you wake up at 3h00 am right? Or you are still up cos you are burning from the inside out which is also a symptom or you awakening as they say or youContinue reading “Ralph Smart Predictions: 2020 is here. Ready?”

10 signs you are an Empath. Darienne, your spiritual rockstar.

Soldier Boys, keep the beat inside.

Who can mend my broken drum Will it be as good as new I must play when morning comes If I don’t, what shall I do? He keeps the beat of marching feet He keeps the beat inside Spencer Morgan And Dieter Hedrick Are On Opposite Sides Of The War And Fighting For The SameContinue reading “Soldier Boys, keep the beat inside.”

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