Goodbye virus-ridden 2020, hello Roaring Twenties.

Please, notice that I am not the author of this article, in fact, my blog is meant for educational purpose only, and following the fair use copyright law. There are good reasons to believe that a decade of strong growth and social ebullience lies ahead.   A century ago, the world finally put the 1918-20Continue reading “Goodbye virus-ridden 2020, hello Roaring Twenties.”

Poppies for Hope and Peace.

On 11th November, both French and Brits remember the end of First World War. When I first arrived in Paris, in the end of 2007, I didn’t even imagine that they were celebrating this official date on the European Agenda. Cos in Italy, my home Country, the war ends on 4th of november, but IContinue reading “Poppies for Hope and Peace.”

The Phoenix Rises!

Today, on my Facebook, a quote comes out from past year. It is a poem on “rising phoenix”, as following: The phoenix from the flame You will learn You will rise You’ll return Being what you are… There is no other Troy For you to burn My cousin was working on a poems book whichContinue reading “The Phoenix Rises!”

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