My inspired Tibetan Collection: Mala and Shamballa.

Creativity has become part of my life in the last few years. Macramé technique, shamballa and my own fantasy helped me discover my talent for jewelry artcrafting. The problem is, on the brand shall I put “Made in Italy”, because I am Italian, and our national brand is world renowned, and quality guarantee, or “Made inContinue reading “My inspired Tibetan Collection: Mala and Shamballa.”

The “Artist Man Collection”. Voilà!

Yep, as I promised, here we are … my handcrated Vintage Cards collection is ready to go. Sure, this side of the project will be more artistical than commercial, nevertheless my idea refers to little markets to support my activity both for buying supplies and grow as “crafter”, and also to spread our message around.Continue reading “The “Artist Man Collection”. Voilà!”

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