Back for good.

Hi Crew. ** It’s reunion time here.**  Did you have a good year? or did you feel abandoned? This come back sounds pretty good to me, since I have a new Restart. First, I want you to **congratulate** with me:) If you read through my storytelling : in 2015 went through these Paris attacks ( aftermath ofContinue reading “Back for good.”

Divine Matrix and the Power of Subconscious Mind with Gregg Braden.

“Buongiorno Milano”

The shape of water. Naïf and simply.. WOW.

Hi folks, here you are, one of my fave movies of all times. Not only because it’s set in the 60’s. It definitely deals with one of my fave topic: “understanding emotions”. “When he look at me he doesn’t see how much I am incomplete. He sees me as I am”. Hey, I wish I can find my MrContinue reading “The shape of water. Naïf and simply.. WOW.”

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