I was a first responder at the Pentagon on 9/11.

“I grew up on eastern Long Island and watched a lot of CHIPS so I knew I wanted to be a pilot or cop. Once I realized how much math was involved to be a pilot, it sealed the deal on becoming a cop. I knew I wanted to do police work but my dadContinue reading “I was a first responder at the Pentagon on 9/11.”

Diana Speaks Podcast: Diana Reads… My Name is Sinead O’Connor.

https://open.spotify.com/episode/0Wp5TwwUT1AogPrVlDNwSK?si=MNYGxPJkQIeZpPjE5ynGxw Oh, you will read alot on Sinead O’Connor, on Wikipedia, and on gossipy newspapers. I will skip the religious buzz. I have been a fan of Sinead since I was a teenager. To be frank, I had lost her track until 2016, when she was missing in Chicago for 24 hours. My friend warnedContinue reading “Diana Speaks Podcast: Diana Reads… My Name is Sinead O’Connor.”

Sam Springsteen is Now a firefighter.

  I know, I admit I have been young, wild and free.. it was a long time ago 😉 This last hour’s made my day. Following the news about the Boss and his humble son, I am taking a chance to share this interview about this beautiful human that will NEVER die. Call me DianaContinue reading “Sam Springsteen is Now a firefighter.”

The Power of Attention.

What’s up readers? I hope that you are all doing well. How do you keep active and busy if you are not working? How do you cut off from digital tools and social media? To be honest with you, my mental health has been in a dark place recently, I associate this blues with theContinue reading “The Power of Attention.”

Power of Story: Michael Sugrue Police + Air Force Veteran.

Power of Story : “First Responders: Coffee and Conversation” Facilitated by: U.S. Air Force Veteran and Retired Chief of Police Dave Weiner and Sara Correll. Special Guest: Retired Police Sergeant & Former Air Force Captain Michael Sugrue We discuss traumatic incidents and the toll they took on our personal and professional lives. More importantly we talk aboutContinue reading “Power of Story: Michael Sugrue Police + Air Force Veteran.”

Combat Crochet and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Yarn over…

Like many veterans throughout our country’s history, I needed mental medical attention but did not seek help BY: SAMANTHA NEROVE, POSTED ON MAY 28, 2017 A soldier crochets a garden of hope in the battlefield of despair. Pistol? Check. Body armor? Check. Yarn, hooks, crochet books? Check. My Combat Crochet Basic Load (CCBL) was prepped for battle. I was ready toContinue reading “Combat Crochet and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Yarn over…”

Dark Night of the Soul. The light in the end of the tunnel?

Out of suffering have emerged the strongest Souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars. – Khalil Gibran At some point, most of us go through a phenomenon known as the Dark Night of the Soul. Courtesy of Lonerwolf.com Although we try to run from it, it is still there. Although we try to coverContinue reading “Dark Night of the Soul. The light in the end of the tunnel?”


YOUR FAITH IS YOUR FORTUNE. „Change your conception of yourself and you will automatically change the world in which you live. Do not try to change people; they are only messengers telling you who you are. Revalue yourself and they will confirm the change.“ — Neville Goddard, Your Faith is Your Fortune ( 1941 )Continue reading “QUOTES”

Dark Night : Bipolar is not a medical condition.

This is an incredible find who I have been listening all nights long, during my Journey from the Caterpillar to Cocoon stages. Whilst you can find all Butterfly process in his channel, one of my milestone is gaining a different understanding and perspective on this bipolar medical condition. Have been bipolar in my youth, until I mastered myContinue reading “Dark Night : Bipolar is not a medical condition.”

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