Dan Nevins, Iraq vet, and his message to Veterans about Yoga.

Thank you for your Service. “Yoga? First I am a dude, second I am a soldier.” Invited to NYC to talk to 9/11 families and firefighters for PTSD. Dan Nevins is a professional speaker who has been inspiring audiences around the world with his message of perseverance, resiliency and hope for more than a decade.Continue reading “Dan Nevins, Iraq vet, and his message to Veterans about Yoga.”

Message to Veterans from Dan Nevins.

Yesterday, it was my birthday, and while in southern France we lost another Iraq vet, Arnaud Beltrame, in a sort of pointless attack to a supermarket, who swapped with a lady, in order to do his job, and then lost his life after injuries, I sent a message to Dan Nevins. And I mentioned thatContinue reading “Message to Veterans from Dan Nevins.”

Spirit of Warrior: Dan Nevins Yoga teacher and Iraq vet.

What can you do today that serves the person you want to become? Learn how developing a yoga practice renewed Dan’s sense of purpose and helped him heal from the invisible wounds of war. Discover what it takes to pursue your highest intention with the spirit of a warrior.

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