coping with ptsd

My PTSD Story

“IF YOU WERE IN ANY ANOTHER COMPANY YOU WOULD BE FIRED” In february 2016, I was diagnosed inadequate to my position. Until 19th september 2019, when I signed up for a long-term deal in the present service for the same Company in which I broke down medically, My PTSD started with insomnia, poor emotional intelligence, […]


Life Path 11 Inspired Healer

At any rate, I am convinced that God does not play dice. –Albert Einstein If you are diving into these pages, maybe you are another Wounded Healer, or Humanitarian, teacher, counsellour and spiritual leader, life coach or whatever it helps others to develop them selves and their potential. Definitely, I wasn’t surprised when I read […]



Body Scan Meditation. In btw 2017 and 2018 I attended a class in Paris on sophrology: guided and body scan meditations. I really enjoyed but french was a language that didn’t suit me for such a practice. Therefore I decided to have a try with english. And here first results; I find my voice quite […]