Change vs Comfort Zone. Anxiety The Bitch says it better.

Anyone going through change in their lives? Since I am following a job career requalification, for the same company, I am invited to change service quite often, and I admit it becomes stressful. Anxiety is eating my nails, and torturing my hair, …. blood burst, and infections warn my body that something is happening now, and I can’t find a way out. Tomorrow I will work on my italian CV… and “good luck”. Change. Maybe one of the most dreaded words for individuals of the anxious variety. When you’ve been holding feelings and emotions to yourself for so long, you … Continue reading Change vs Comfort Zone. Anxiety The Bitch says it better.

Subconjunctival Hemorrhage. Or blood burst of the Mind.

Originally posted on Park Slope Eye:
You were having a great day until someone looked at you and said “Oh my god! Your eye is bleeding!” You head to the mirror and you are taken back at what you see. Your eye wasn’t bothering you but you are stunned to see the normally white part of you eye is bright red. You can’t recall anything happening to your eye, it doesn’t hurt and your vision seems to be fine as well. The good news is that this is typically something that looks way worse than what it really is. This… Continue reading Subconjunctival Hemorrhage. Or blood burst of the Mind.

So British!

Well, this morning, my question was “how much did the post war era influence the next generations, and by which cultural tools”. Sailor caps, Lennon glasses, officer coats or Oxford shoes; I am definitely not a brit, so, how do I knoe that much about the Royal Family? ever been in a beauty salon, hairdresser’s?  The western society 60’s to me mean that change is possible, and protest as well, the leit motiv was music and fashion. In fact, I am feeling very brave and rebel when I am wearing my stylish wellies at office (with all these french, ouch). Or a mini skirt in the public transportation filled with african … Continue reading So British!