The Power of Oregano Oil and the Battlefield inside.

After my try with Garlic, I took over my daily hours job and for the side story, my gum disease got even worse. Next visit at the dentist will be in one month and a half. Yuk! The challenge is to get to 18th may in a good health condition and a big smile. You know, I have been through antibiotics, and perhaps developed an allergy, or whatever. Now, I found this miracle oil and I will go to the matterass with it and bacterias. If you wonder what’s the matter with writing about gums, in this blog, well, I … Continue reading The Power of Oregano Oil and the Battlefield inside.

Garlic — a Natural Antibiotic?

Yes, be brave. It’s worse than you can imagine, but it works. So, here I am to witness the power of garlic as a natural antibiotic. You see, part of this blog is dedicated to ayurvedic/holistic impact of natural remedies on my health. And perhaps, yours, for a change. My gum diseases, if you were wondering, are back after regular antibiotics, and eventually it got worse after a week. This time, I won’t give it up. And I am becoming quite experienced on oral hygiene basics. Sure, it is not sexy. Not even a little bit. Especially, this afternoon, after keeping chewing garlic on … Continue reading Garlic — a Natural Antibiotic?