So British!

Well, this morning, my question was “how much did the post war era influence the next generations, and by which cultural tools”. Sailor caps, Lennon glasses, officer coats or Oxford shoes; I am definitely not a brit, so, how do I knoe that much about the Royal Family? ever been in a beauty salon, hairdresser’s?  The western society 60’s to me mean that change is possible, and protest as well, the leit motiv was music and fashion. In fact, I am feeling very brave and rebel when I am wearing my stylish wellies at office (with all these french, ouch). Or a mini skirt in the public transportation filled with african … Continue reading So British!

Let the sunshine. Hair Tribute.

We starve, look at one another, short of breath Walking proudly in our winter coats Wearing smells from laboratories Facing a dying nation of moving paper fantasy Listening for the new told lies With supreme visions of lonely tunes Somewhere, inside something there is a rush of Greatness, who knows what stands in front of Our lives, I fashion my future on films in space Silence tells me secretly Everything Everything Manchester, England, England Manchester, England, England Across the Atlantic Sea And I’m a genius, genius I believe in God And I believe that God believes in Claude That’s me, … Continue reading Let the sunshine. Hair Tribute.