Yes, I am talking “spiritual” sometimes. Yes, I am walking on a spiritual journey. I can’t hide it. I have got a deep understanding of this spiritual new age speech about numerology and astrology. I am psychic, I am empath and I am powerful. I am a master number 11 ….

So, what?

Of course I dedicate a small part to this topic in my book (link in bio 😉 …in my Twenties I have been drawn to amazing encounters that enlighted my way to my healing journey.

My offer is fair, I am selling you a book that took me 5 years to write, rewrite and I am still editing. It’s not a copy paste that I just googled. I have paid a translator for a professional work. Not just google translating.

C’mon! I would never DEFINE myself a spiritual teacher. There is only a teacher: your higherself!!! How can you meet him? In silence. That’s it? That’s it.

Bonus: what they don’t tell you, it’s FREE.