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untitledWonderful post to share on a Easter Day. Thank you for passing by. Self – acceptance is a very dear topic of mine. By the way, Marilyn Monroe’s quote makes me wonder on the way she intended. As far as she is known to the world as a sex symbol icon, and on her private she was named Norma Jean Baker, not blond but redheaded woman. Yet beautiful and even sweater. As young Lady, I deeply love Marylin, as an older sister (now younger, she died at 36), her eyes look speaks out loud about her vulnerability and need for validation. Even though her breast surgery surprised me a little. But that’s Hollywood, and that’s a men’s world, girls.

Enjoy this post. And Happy Easter.

By Dr. Perry, PhD “Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are.” ~Marilyn Monroe We are living in a world where we are able to form a virtual reality presence on a number of different platforms. Currently, we have YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and numerous other social media and dating […]

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Hi Crew, this is my tribute to Trauma as an Empath Warrior. In the aftermath of Paris attacks, in 2015, I was hotel assistant in elite resorts when my life fell apart. Since then it's been a night sea journey that I am glad to share around the fire with beers on me. Cheers xx

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