This is a travel mug designed by Nazim Artist in Los Angeles.

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This Mug was created to support the launch of the book “Holy sh*t, Wonder Woman. How to cope with trauma, transcend yourself and rise out of it” by ©Diana White (release Summer 2021). A part of the proceeds will go to no-profit Warrior Quest Usa, veteran support group (combat stress recovery with Ayahuasca ceremony), based in Orlando, FL.

Collection in Nazim Artist’s words:

The Kintsugi Chakra Hearts cycle of paintings inspired by the unfolding illuminations revealed by an Awakening consciousness of the Life force flowing its Omnipresence within the Heart of Matter.

The Profound Gift is given by Grief, its UNBEARABLE BEAUTY recognized as Impulse and PULSE to Pulsate its Surging Erotic Spiraling that is the Spark of Creativity & Healing. One Heart transforming into the fractal of Billions of Meteors exploding into sacred firework geometries as Crystal Comets that embody the Collective oneness of infinite seeds that are the telomere extensions of the inner Rainbow DNA, that binds all to the Celestial Realms, where the sounding color clusters of that Silent Music too loud to comprehend, yet vital for survival form the composition of the harmonic THROBBING echo that is always Gushing beyond the vessel of any containment for LOVE as the resurrection of LIGHT.

Kintsugi the Japanese art of reassembling broken ceramics, where the cracks are filled with Gold, Silver Copper, Platinum, et al…has been a constant poetic consolation since my Beloved Queen Celeste and more recently our beloved cat Lalique, crossed the Rainbow bridge to become ENERGY in another form of LOVE. These paintings form a catharsis in this respect and evoke the heart as a somewhat Celestial body like a Comet of sorts invoking the Chakra’s luminous frequency that aligns us to the hidden rainbow within our Souls.

A long-lasting affinity (1867)

Japanese engravings, HOKUSAI’s, HIROSHIGE’s, and UTAMARO’s above all, appeal to French artists, like Charles BAUDELAIRE, Auguste RODIN, Victor HUGO, and of course impressionists. This influence can be found into the works of Claude MONET, Edgar DEGAS, Édouard MANET, or Auguste RENOIR.

“I said: what about my eyes?
He said: Keep them on the road.
I said: What about my passion?
He said: Keep it burning.
I said: What about my heart?
He said: Tell me what you hold inside it?
I said: Pain and sorrow.
He said: Stay with it.
The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”
— Rumi

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