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I admire and respect you for speaking out about PTSD and supporting military and combat veterans. Many people don’t understand how PTSD can affect a person’s life.

Hi Cherie, I appreciate your attention and your words. At the very start I was shy and did not feel enough qualified to do that. Until I met virtually a few, exchanged life experience, and it was exactly the Same Thing. Different levels, maybe, but same struggling. Empathy can be a superpower in order to share feelings and thoughts. We need to break this wall between military and civvie, we are all the same. Except, as civvie, I am aware that I prob knew only a very tiny little bit of what they have been through. The positive note is that they are starting to speak up ..this is a go. x

You’re very welcome, Gauri! And you’re so right! Keep doing what you do! You’ll help so many!

It’s just started, Cherie. And you are very welcome too !

Oh, my goodness, Antonella! Please allow me to apologize for calling you Gauri- she was the one I spoke to just before speaking to you and I goofed! Lol 😆

ahaha no worry, I got you !!! ahaha I would like to ask you Something via mail, do you mind? as indie publisher …I would love to share your experience with me just starting … please x

Feel free to.

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