Let’s Talk About… Loneliness

Fantastic! Whilst I am Learning podcasting, well, I found Jeremy Godwin, from Australia; and I am fan. Enjoy.

http://www.letstalkaboutmentalhealth.com.au This week is Let’s Talk About… Loneliness. Jeremy talks about the negative effects that loneliness can have on your mental health, and different things that you can do to turn it around and improve your wellbeing. Let’s Talk About Mental Health is a weekly podcast about good mental health by Australian author and speaker, Jeremy Godwin. It’s about much more than just talk; each new episode focuses on practical and simple things that you can do every single day to improve and maintain your mental health and wellbeing. Find out more at http://www.letstalkaboutmentalhealth.com.au. Let’s Talk About Mental Health. Because the more we talk about it, the easier it gets. Warning: Contains occasional coarse language.

Source: Let’s Talk About… Loneliness

Published by Diana White Thunder-Moon

Hi Crew, this is my tribute to Trauma as an Empath Warrior. In the aftermath of Paris attacks, in 2015, I was hotel assistant in elite resorts when my life fell apart. Since then it's been a night sea journey that I am glad to share around the fire with beers on me. Cheers xx

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