Highly Sensitive Person

Are you sensitive to bright lights, loud noises, strong smells, or coarse fabrics?
Do other people’s moods and needs strongly affect you?
On busy days, do you ever wish you could withdraw to a quiet, private place?
Are you deeply moved by the arts or music?
Do you have a rich inner life?
If so, you may be an HSP.
In her groundbreaking 1996 book The Highly Sensitive Person, Dr. Elaine Aron first brought the trait to light, validating the unique lives of one-fifth of the population.  


Notes from the website’s author.

Please, note that I support Elaine Aron’s work since 5 years now, and I am glad to share her workshops and events as indipendent owner of this website and author. I dunno know her personally, still, nor I get any fee for sponsoring her. Her insight helped me with becoming aware of my Sensitivity as I knew unconsciously since a little girl. Because I am grateful to her intuition and dedication, I engage with spreading her work around the globe. Bless you Elaine.

Antonella Barberini
PTSD Beautiful Trauma
Website editor, dreamer and author