French Spring Blooming.

DSC07768 (2)Spring actually lasted one week, until now, in the parisian region, and then straight back to winter.

Happily, I had the smart idea to go outside, with my crap smartphone, and take some more pictures…  you had already the white beautiful pears.

This time, I’ll share chestnut tree and amazing flowers, hawthorn, look at the aura, I didn’t put any special filter, this is real fairy aura:) and lilac, wish you could smell their sweet, lovely parfume. If you are not allergic, for sure.

The glycine is from My aunt, zia Gio, in Italy. She is not doing well, by now, and I wish her a good journey on the lungs cancer she is passing through. C’mon Zia Gio. You are simply the best.

  • Lilac, my manager brought to the office, here standing on my bureau.
  • Chestnut, I never noticed the wonder of their flowers.
  • Glycine, it’s climbing from groundfloor to the first floor

Quality of these pics is not HD. My smartphone is dying slowly, but surely; and once I’ve got my new one, I’ll start my first Instagram account. So, stay tuned.

Sure worth waiting for.

DSC07764 (2)DSC07763 (2)DSC07762 (2)DSC07760DSC07759DSC07758

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Hi Crew, this is my tribute to Trauma as an Empath Warrior. In the aftermath of Paris attacks, in 2015, I was hotel assistant in elite resorts when my life fell apart. Since then it's been a night sea journey that I am glad to share around the fire with beers on me. Cheers xx

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