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Changing eye colour is like changing identity.
Even though i don’t really care about what people might want to do with their body.
The thought of changing mine makes me uncomfortable.

guess they say that they are approving a surgery operation which destroy melanine; ok, we already do that to our hair, and it’s no good, but hair grows…….. how can you do that to your eyes/soul? (identity, well put in) no thanx

There was a video my sis showed me of a girl who had tattoos all over..including eyes..
It was shudder inducing to say the least..

what the hell !!! nope eyes are far too much our Soul !!!!!! I have a colleague who is blind and can’t imagine what she’s missing …….

I have a friend here who has dissosia

Dissociative personality disorder and she is blind. Such a beautiful soul and so talented.
Another fellow blogger here is partially blind and works for blind people. I am so impressed by both of them. I admire their talent and passion.

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