Vera Lynn "Forces Sweetheart" ( age 102 ).

This morning I wake up and got surprised listening on my Spotify Playlist this song “It’s hard to say Goodbye”. How did it happen? I mean, I’ve put some classic oldies goldies from “Joker’s Soundtrack” and now I find my self listening these ladies from 40’s and 50’s. Okay. This gives me an idea for my Sunday Podcast, and perhaps it will be a good excuse for some lovely watercolor. Can I tell Vera, that today any of the ladies who are tchit tchating on the dating online with servicesmen feel a little bit like the Forces Sweetheart. Oh, well… … Continue reading Vera Lynn "Forces Sweetheart" ( age 102 ).


The Awareness Games. Psychology for Beginners. All handmade art work is from the author of this website. This slide show how we are used to react to life challenges in same pattern, due to imprinting parenting. And as you can see, the drawing shows closed spirals like negative thinking spirals, sometimes, when we can’t do any better. And the fact to ‘flood your guilt’ means to trasnform those negative spirals in open waves flooding away that sense of guilt which is eating you up by taking the responsability of your choices and second, taking actions to amend to your sense … Continue reading Guilt

The Awareness Games

Be the hero/heroin of your Story. All comics with courtesy of Tom King and Clay Mann from stunning art work “Heroes in Crisis” (2018). The Awareness Games – Psychology for Beginners. Tonight I am proudly publishing my first very creative project on Emotional Intelligence. Psychology is like Spiritual Alchemy and it can transform our story in a hero/heroin’s journey. So, let’s take this adventure together! Story Time The idea was caught together with Andreas, UK navy led reserve, sport coach and cheerful half ukranien/half british friend met on the website Forces Pen Pals. He replied my brave forum message on … Continue reading The Awareness Games

Forces Penpals for Combat Stress.

When I decided to write for this website, I was feeling quite isolated, and abandoned. It was almost Xmas time, and as I do regularly, I was seeking for my “cause of the year”. My first attempts to find penpals, except for subscribing to “International Pen Friends”(thank you my last representative from Sidney, AU), were not lucky. In fact, I fell into scams, in Facebook pages, and I was quite upset about that. My “marraine de guerre” (soldier’s angel) subscription at American website for penpalling and supporting deployed in Middle East never got a reply, neither after veryfing my credit … Continue reading Forces Penpals for Combat Stress.