Sensitive and in Love – the Film

Dear Elaine, Thank you for your newsletter’s upcoming event news and première of your first movie based on your best seller which helped me accepting my Sensitiveness as a gift (and not a plague). In grateful devotion to Elaine Aron’s I support this movie release and I wish I could join you in New York on 29th January. In case we miss this opportunity (I might be stuck in Paris drinking expensive capuccino), I wish you Good Luck, well, “Merde!”. We so much needed this. ps. I, My self, have been struggling with all my relationships for same reason and … Continue reading Sensitive and in Love – the Film

Sensitive and in love. The movie by Elaine Aron.

STORY: What do you do when you feel you are born with an unbearable flaw, and you don’t know yet that you share it with 1.4 billion people.  Rob and Jessica grew up feeling just that. Inspired by the international bestseller, The Highly Sensitive Person and global media sensation 36 Questions that lead to love, SENSITIVE AND IN LOVE tells their story. Besides their sensitivity, the brother and sister share a traumatic childhood.  Jessica is an accomplished writer in San Francisco, but every one of her romantic relationships have crashed and burned.  Rob, a successful music producer in Manila, has a seemingly happy marriage, but it is … Continue reading Sensitive and in love. The movie by Elaine Aron.

How Bad Is Katniss' PTSD in The Hunger Games? We Asked the Experts

This article was written by the psychiatrists of Broadcast Thought—Dr. Vasilis K. Pozios and Dr. Praveen R. Kambam. Spoilers for The Hunger Games movies follow. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay—Part 1 opens with a very telling scene. Katniss Everdeen is on the verge of tears and hiding in the bowels of District 13 reciting the most basic facts of her existence: Her name, her age, the fact that she was twice thrown into the Hunger Games arena to fight for her life. It’s a reminder that for all of her resilience and heroism, Katniss is still just a teenage girl who … Continue reading How Bad Is Katniss' PTSD in The Hunger Games? We Asked the Experts

Renée plays **Judy**.

She is talented, she is breathtaking and she has been harrassed for years, from 16 to 20, right at the time of “Wizard of Oz”, as told in rumors of the Hollywood star system. Today Renée Zellweger plays one of her best life performances and offers to public the charme of this full of passion and warmest voices ever, Judy Garland. Somewhere over the rainbow. By  Michael S. Rosenwald The Washington Post Nearly two decades ago, while researching a book about Judy Garland, biographer Gerald Clarke stumbled on an old gossip column noting that his subject was working on a … Continue reading Renée plays **Judy**.

That’s Life. Amazing Joker.

You know why I am posting this. Do you:) Stunning version of Frank Sinatra‘s original song. ** The Phoenix ** 10 “IS IT JUST ME OR IS IT GETTING CRAZIER OUT THERE?” In Batman lore, Gotham is usually depicted as a broken city before Batman arrives to save the day. However, the Gotham we see in Joker is even bleaker. The ’70s setting provides a gritty feel to the place, and it always feels like it is a city about to go up in flames. The conditions of Gotham likely play a huge role in Arthur’s descent into madness. As the film begins, we see … Continue reading That’s Life. Amazing Joker.