White Cat

What does it mean? Whether you see them in real life, or in your dream, they are giving you a unique message that you must decipher. Because they are the guardians and want to warn you of anything bad comes your way, but it is up to you how you take the message. Happiness and Good Fortune. White is the colour of purity and clearance – white cat symbolism is the same. White cats symbolise happiness, virtue and good fortune. Overall, the cat is the symbol of patience, freedom, independence, sensuality, mystery, curiosity and rebirth. Cats are an adventurous animal; they … Continue reading White Cat

Eric Baret: You cannot Be Present.

A few years ago, I attended a few conferences with my (ex for a reason) boyfriend who was following Jean Klein, spiritual teacher, from Kashmir Shivaism. He wasn’t hippie, and he left masonry after many years, because they taught him that in order to get higher knowledge, they said, you need them to transcend and get in touch with Divine. Oh, well, he was a Truth seeker, so he tried to take different Paths. Eric Baret was a kind of encounter of third kind. He started his conference with closed eyes and without any intro. He asked simply if there … Continue reading Eric Baret: You cannot Be Present.

Celebrate your Body, and my Spiritual and Creative Retreat.

PTSD as quest to rescue your True Self and awaken the heroin within. Bonjour Darlings, I will be off two weeks soon, and will be working on my self help book, as promised. Last months, since 13th November, I have been building basics of this website. My goal for 2020 is clear, as soon as I am done with second book, I will translate it in English and finally go and knock on the door of publishing houses. In the meanwhile, I leave you with this homework: question your self on what you want to become and to be in … Continue reading Celebrate your Body, and my Spiritual and Creative Retreat.

One step back forward. How meditation changed my life?

Ok, Readers, let’s take four years ago. 01/01/2016? My schedules were crap, exhausting, I couldn’t really say “no”, or “go away”; I was the one in a team who sacrificed and was there while others enjoyed their time with family, friends or boyfriend. My life was really work centered. When I went back home, I hadn’t any motivation to do anything except sleep and perhaps not waking up forever. But I continued to fail my sleep, relationships and didn’t take any time to focus on my real needs and what I really wanted to do in my life. What happened … Continue reading One step back forward. How meditation changed my life?