Mental health impact of 9/11 Pentagon attack: Validation of a rapid assessment tool.

Abstract Background Following the tragic events of 9/11/2001, the Pentagon Post Disaster Health Assessment (PPDHA) survey was created to identify healthcare needs and concerns among Pentagon personnel and to assure that appropriate care and information was provided. The PPDHA was fielded from October 15, 2001, to January 15, 2002. Fundamental in this assessment was the evaluation of the mental health impact as a result of the attack. Methods Although a number of standardized instruments exist for mental health domains, most are lengthy and could not be used as a rapid health assessment. Instead, a short screening instrument consisting of 17 … Continue reading Mental health impact of 9/11 Pentagon attack: Validation of a rapid assessment tool.

Eric Baret: You cannot Be Present.

A few years ago, I attended a few conferences with my (ex for a reason) boyfriend who was following Jean Klein, spiritual teacher, from Kashmir Shivaism. He wasn’t hippie, and he left masonry after many years, because they taught him that in order to get higher knowledge, they said, you need them to transcend and get in touch with Divine. Oh, well, he was a Truth seeker, so he tried to take different Paths. Eric Baret was a kind of encounter of third kind. He started his conference with closed eyes and without any intro. He asked simply if there … Continue reading Eric Baret: You cannot Be Present.

Panic attacks

Story Time. In 2016, 6 months later my “fake alert”, in july, I had the first Panic Attack of my life. I was terrified, thought gonna die or loose my sanity. I was at work, and suddenly it happened. My mind lost control on my body. Or today, I would say that my body took control on my mind, in order to communicate. At that season, I was angry, frustrated and stressed out, perhaps depressed, apathic, and I couldn’ t relate to my inner wisdom. There wasn’t any. My soul launched me an alert to say “hello, nobody’s home?”. One way to … Continue reading Panic attacks

One step back forward. How meditation changed my life?

Ok, Readers, let’s take four years ago. 01/01/2016? My schedules were crap, exhausting, I couldn’t really say “no”, or “go away”; I was the one in a team who sacrificed and was there while others enjoyed their time with family, friends or boyfriend. My life was really work centered. When I went back home, I hadn’t any motivation to do anything except sleep and perhaps not waking up forever. But I continued to fail my sleep, relationships and didn’t take any time to focus on my real needs and what I really wanted to do in my life. What happened … Continue reading One step back forward. How meditation changed my life?