Panic attacks

Story Time. In 2016, 6 months later my “fake alert”, in july, I had the first Panic Attack of my life. I was terrified, thought gonna die or loose my sanity. I was at work, and suddenly it happened. My mind lost control on my body. Or today, I would say that my body took control on […]


Good night with Craig: What about another dimension than medical and rational?

Tonight I had this “like” from Craig White, he helped me with understanding better what’s my perspective on science and Mental Health thing. “Could our bodies vascular tree, actually help create another dimension for health care beyond the one we understand today..” Craig White livinginaworldofyourown His article on his website promotes an original theory on Vascular […]


Dynamic Meditation/Sophrology.

The new Neuroscience is Mindfulness oriented. It all started with… Rehab for War Veterans. It all started with neuro-psychiatrist Professor Alfonso Caycedo, who was studying medicine in Spain after the Civil War and was looking for a way to rehabilitate traumatised war victims with minimal drug use. Sophrology was the term he gave the method […]