White Cat

What does it mean? Whether you see them in real life, or in your dream, they are giving you a unique message that you must decipher. Because they are the guardians and want to warn you of anything bad comes your way, but it is up to you how you take the message. Happiness and Good Fortune. White is the colour of purity and clearance – white cat symbolism is the same. White cats symbolise happiness, virtue and good fortune. Overall, the cat is the symbol of patience, freedom, independence, sensuality, mystery, curiosity and rebirth. Cats are an adventurous animal; they … Continue reading White Cat

"I want to live forever". Jake Tyler for TED in Brighton.

Spark a fire with Jake. Mental health campaigner and Mind Over Marathon runner Jake Tyler meets ‘new hero’ Prince Harry. Jake Tyler, who completed the London Marathon in 2018, has been involved in a BBC1 documentary highlighting the link between mental wellbeing and exercise. https://www.maldonandburnhamstandard.co.uk/news/north_essex_news/15247967.mental-health-campaigner-and-mind-over-marathon-runner-jake-tyler-meets-new-hero-prince-harry/ My coach said that “I needed Movement.” Jack Tyler’s Story. When depression consumed him, Jake Tyler phoned his mum to say goodbye, having decided to take his own life. But she convinced him that they could find help together, and as he moved back home and started receiving professional help, Jake discovered the powerful effect of nature … Continue reading "I want to live forever". Jake Tyler for TED in Brighton.