Combat Crochet and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Yarn over…

Like many veterans throughout our country’s history, I needed mental medical attention but did not seek help BY: SAMANTHA NEROVE, POSTED ON MAY 28, 2017 A soldier crochets a garden of hope in the battlefield of despair. Pistol? Check. Body armor? Check. Yarn, hooks, crochet books? Check. My Combat Crochet Basic Load (CCBL) was prepped for battle. I was ready toContinue reading “Combat Crochet and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Yarn over…”

Anxiety and Stress, on a positive note?

Causes of Anxiety: Does Anxiety Have Any Purpose? Credit to Inner Health Studio The causes of anxiety attacks relate to the adaptive and protective functions of anxiety. Let’s look at why people become anxious and what to do about it. If, for a moment, we consider anxiety to be like fear (see this page moreContinue reading “Anxiety and Stress, on a positive note?”

Dark Night of the Soul. The light in the end of the tunnel?

Out of suffering have emerged the strongest Souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars. – Khalil Gibran At some point, most of us go through a phenomenon known as the Dark Night of the Soul. Courtesy of Although we try to run from it, it is still there. Although we try to coverContinue reading “Dark Night of the Soul. The light in the end of the tunnel?”

Saturn in Twelth House, Uh!

Why Saturn in Twelth House helped me with making peace with my depressive and isolating lone self. Check in your chart which House rules your Saturn. And in case, by synchronicity, your Saturn is same than me, in 12th House…. Good luck! lol Having Saturn in the 12th house is probably one of the most difficultContinue reading “Saturn in Twelth House, Uh!”

HSP in Prison

by John D, a California prisoner Once settled down with this website and finished my self help book, I well certainly take time to share Jon’s story with you. We met pen writing thanks to the International Pen Friends Club in 2016, when I was recovering from burnout and needed to cope with my PTSD.Continue reading “HSP in Prison”

The Awareness Games: Guilt.

The Awareness Games: Guilt. Just sharing a few notes that I took about the topic of “GUILT”. Storytime: In 2018 I have subscribed to a website for dating online and penpalling (in the old times) from British Forces: Forces Penpals. I had naïve ideas about becoming penfriends with deployed soldiers in the Middle Eastern. Don’tContinue reading “The Awareness Games: Guilt.”

The Awareness Games

Be the hero/heroine of your Story. The Awareness Games – Psychology for Beginners. Psychology is like Spiritual Alchemy and it can transform our story in a hero/heroine’s journey. So, let’s take this adventure together! Story Time The idea was caught together with Andreas, UK navy led reserve, sport coach and cheerful half ukranien/half british friendContinue reading “The Awareness Games”

Join the International Pen Friends Club? Snail Mail is alive

Well, I did it, I am now officially an IPF International Pen Friends agent. So it means two things: 1. I am old enough 2. I know what I am doing. In my 16, there was no mail, neither internet, nor smart phones. If you wanted to connect people all over the world, you hadContinue reading “Join the International Pen Friends Club? Snail Mail is alive”

Now I rise – my first fundraising.

GOFUNDME Yes, I did it. My first fundraising is on line, now, you can find it here. I dunno what it will give, until the end of january 2020. And I don’t mind. It would be a pity not to give it a chance. For the short story, I choose Nôtre Dame as symbol ofContinue reading “Now I rise – my first fundraising.”

Dan Nevins, Iraq vet, and his message to Veterans about Yoga.

Thank you for your Service. “Yoga? First I am a dude, second I am a soldier.” Invited to NYC to talk to 9/11 families and firefighters for PTSD. Dan Nevins is a professional speaker who has been inspiring audiences around the world with his message of perseverance, resiliency and hope for more than a decade.Continue reading “Dan Nevins, Iraq vet, and his message to Veterans about Yoga.”

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