Vietnam Voices Challenge #2 One story a day.

Vietnam War veteran Jesse McMurtry talks about his experiences. McMurtry served in the United States Air Force from 1961 to 1989. He traveled from the Great Falls, Montana area to be a part of the Vietnam Voices series. McMurtry was a professional film processor for Kodak in 1961. He decided to join the Air ForceContinue reading “Vietnam Voices Challenge #2 One story a day.”


We bridge your front door to the Amazonian spiritual tools your path requires. You can shop directly artisans and artists. To get 10% discount on Four Visions Marketplace, use code : MELLYMEL at check out. This post contains affiliate links and my friend Melissa may be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking onContinue reading “Tribes”

My Etsy Shop

First mugs collection is happily made in partnership with British born Nazim Artist, designed in Los Angeles, in proud support of Warriors healing journey. Thank you! Disclaimer: My Etsy Shop will start up with a print-on-demand that makes items, like travel mugs and T-shirts, in Hannibal, Missouri. We wish to start small… slowly, butContinue reading “My Etsy Shop”

Goodbye virus-ridden 2020, hello Roaring Twenties.

Please, notice that I am not the author of this article, in fact, my blog is meant for educational purpose only, and following the fair use copyright law. There are good reasons to believe that a decade of strong growth and social ebullience lies ahead.   A century ago, the world finally put the 1918-20Continue reading “Goodbye virus-ridden 2020, hello Roaring Twenties.”

Remaster your Mind – British Army Veteran Gareth Evans.

Hi Tribe 🙂   I hope you are all doing well. Me, I have been quite busy. And I like it. First, my new job is challenging my skills with human resources, and law norms adapting to the present situation. Some of you might remember when I have started writing this blog, I was notContinue reading “Remaster your Mind – British Army Veteran Gareth Evans.”

22 a day? Welcome home.

Mullane: A Vietnam vet wants to stop veteran suicides JD MULLANE   | Bucks County Courier Times It’s a statistic that haunts Steve Gibson — an average of 22 U.S. veterans kill themselves each day. “I saw that number and I haven’t been able to forget it. I was appalled,” said Gibson, 69, a Vietnam-era Army vet and retiredContinue reading “22 a day? Welcome home.”

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