Boris Johnson: Back to Work! Thumb Up!

Chers Amis,

to be more than honest, I Don’t give a damn of Politics; if they want to do good, they will!

With or without my assumption or agreement or vote. Since I am Italian, and living in France, I am neutral enough to say that Bojo, as they call him in Italy, has got my sympathy and I am glad that he is out of Corona thing.

Today is a good day for the Mankind.

Good Luck to All xx

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Published by Diana White Thunder-Moon

Hi Crew, this is my tribute to Trauma as an Empath Warrior. In the aftermath of Paris attacks, in 2015, I was hotel assistant in elite resorts when my life fell apart. Since then it's been a night sea journey that I am glad to share around the fire with beers on me. Cheers xx

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