How to stay sane during Covid-19 quarantine.

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Are you feeling like you’re at your wits end? Can’t stop fantasizing about going out for steak? Can’t stop tasting your favourite coffee in your head? Can’t stop wondering when you’ll see the ducks at the park? Can you already feel yourself running out the door?

The current lockdown is making people anxious, depressed and generally stressed out. This is a strange time for many of us. But staying at home is non negotiable at this point. The best thing to do is to focus on how you can make the most of this time, and stay both physically and mentally healthy.

Interact with people 

The one thing that people need to understand is that you’re basically physically distancing yourself from people. We don’t know who decided to call it ‘social’ distancing, because you can still be social through digital tools. You’ve been glued to your phone for ages now, sending memes to everyone you know. Why stop now? Schedule video calls with people, make/join groups of activities you like doing. Don’t let the isolation get to you! The internet is your friend – use it.

Stay active 

Nothing will bring you down like a lack of physical activity. There are thousands of online classes you can take to keep yourself in shape. Can’t find a class you like? Make one of your own with your friends or colleagues! 

Learn to breathe

If you’re feeling anxious or can’t seem to focus then try quick breathing exercises to ground yourself. Dr Andy Knox recommends going the Royal Marines’ route. 

“To slow your breathing down I recommend Box Breathing, which is used by the Royal Marines. You start by breathing in slowly for 4, holding your breathe for 4, breathing out slowly for 4 and holding your breathe out for 4. Do this a few times and it begins to change the carbon dioxide levels in your blood and naturally brings your heart rate down, making you feel calmer,” he advised. 

Remember yourself 

Our lives are so fast that we’ve stopped doing a lot of the things that used to make us happy. Some people liked writing, others liked painting. All activities that we did in our company have been replaced by our fast paced lives. This is the time to get back to them.

If we all stick to the lockdown then it’s likely we’ll get over this quicker. So think of ways you can make this time better for yourself and then go ahead and do it. Nothing says you can’t use this time to make your life better.

Updated on: March 30th 2020, 8:30 PM

A Poem by Karl Tearney.

Hey Ladies,

how are you doing in Self-Isolation?

I have asked to Karl to allow me sharing his first video on a camera.


After a long career in the military I was discharged because of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).  Life has changed dramatically and I wasted far too much energy on trying to find my old self rather than accept the new me. Mental health problems have however brought about a new found enthusiasm for poetry and prose.  I hope that my words may soothe fellow sufferers whilst educating those impacted by loved ones with mental illness.  

My first book “Second Life” is now published and available via most book stores and can be purchased in Hard or Paperback as well as Kindle. Poetry from Karl Tearney | Willow Tree Society.

You can find more stuff about Karl here. We hope you enjoy.

What a honour, Gary!

Steve Jobs: Your Time is Limited.

Isolation by John Lennon.

What’s Your Sign Avia Symbolic Meanings Intro.

Chers amis,

I am following Avia since 20 years by now. She is evolving in her website presentation, I do appreciate her still teaching and introducing her Self with today’s technology tools.

20 years ago She appeared to be very shy and you could have wonder “who’s that?”

There she is.

Bless you all and learn which is your Sign for today.

British Army: Ex-soldiers asked to return to help fight Covid-19.

Ex-soldiers asked to return to help fight Covid-19

The number of people infected keeps going up day by day. The number of deaths is rising, too. However, the number of people willing to practice social distancing is not rising as fast as it should. The army has already been called in to help the NHS fight against the virus and take care of 1.5 million of the most vulnerable citizens. But it seems that won’t be enough.

Thousands of former troops are now being asked to help Britain fight the pandemic. Around 50,000 men and women listed themselves as Regular Reserves, where they could be asked to return to service in times of crises. Unfortunately, the frontline they are joining isn’t made up of an enemy but our own people.

Chief of the Defence Staff General Sir Nick Carter has said that these former soldiers could be looking at six months of service. The last time reserves were called back to a front was during the Gulf War.

The military is looking to call back troops who have relevant experience, in hospitals, warehouses, etc. The kind of skills that can help support people in this critical time.

Speaking about the need to call in ex-soldiers, former CDS General Lord Richards said: “There’s no doubt this is a major indicator of the resolve to use the Armed Forces effectively during this unprecedented crisis. Many regular reserve officers and soldiers have particular skills that our response to Covid-19 would benefit from.” 

Using former soldiers is an effective idea and one that could help save many, many lives. However, at this time, we have to keep in mind that unless we begin to take the pandemic seriously there’s only so much anyone can do. The NHS is already overwhelmed by the number of people that are coming in for treatment.

It is time that we support our soldiers and make sure that their return to the forces is not in vain.

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