“Community building is the most important action of our century. As individuals, we have suffered tremendously. Due to the predominance of individualism, family are breaking down, and society has become deeply divided. For the twenty-first century to be of time of spirituality, the spirit of togetherness must guide us. We should learn to do things together, to share our ideas and the deep aspiration in our hearts. We have to learn to see the shanga, the community of spiritual support, as our own body. We need each other in other to practice solidity, freedom, and compassion so that we can remind each other that there’s always hope.”

Thich Nath Hahn, Vietnamese Monk, Zen Master, peace activist, and founder of the Plum Village Tradition.

What People Say

“A Raw Memoir Chronicles Army Veteran’s Harrowing Struggle with PTSD In a Broken, “Deaf” Support System.”

Kevin x


Kevin Naylor author of “A war with myself”.

It’s hard for anyone, particularly men, to step forward when they’re struggling and ask for help. I want to put my story out there, with uninhibited truth, to help others understand they’re not weak when asking for help. Bottling your emotions up is a recipe for disaster, either for yourself or those around you. Please turn to those you love, and those who are qualified – and ask for the help you need. A new life of contentment and perspective can be found; you don’t have to go to prison like I did to find it.”


L'immagine può contenere: 1 persona, il seguente testo ""Inspiring" "A must for everyone leaving the forces suffers from any form of PTSD!" "Captivating, heartbreaking, brutally honest. A must read" KEVIN NAYLOR 26 ratings An honest & raw account military life the consequences of makes reflect the military establishment, the impact individual and responsib esponsibility personal corporate. Some wise musings and reflections from author. Emotional parts. Insightful ptsd, especially as written first hand. Highly recommended. amazon A SEL WAR WITHIN Available to buy as ebook or paperback on Amazon now!"

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️…..This is one man trying to explain what caused his PTSD and the ramifications of that event for himself and those around him, for years to come.It shows that the military is just like the large corporations and organisations that people tend to think of as large, unfeeling machines. Generally, lip-service being paid to the mental health of the members, with an occassional light shining by the helpful actions of individuals.A protracted struggle through legal and military processes, to get some answers, acknowledgemnent and help.There is PTSD within my family and I recognise a lot of the behaviour within this book but never understood the ‘why’ of PTSD within service personnel. This book explains that in a simple and clear way that is worth reading for that alone. A highly recommended read.

Available as Paperback or E-Book at https://amzn.to/2Cx2iEj


“I served in the Army from 2001 to 2006, as a Communication Officer deployed to Iraq…”

Jeff x


Lance Supernaw with Brandon Pickard, transformational recovery coach, at Warrior Quest, Orlando, FL.

The primary objective of Warrior Quest is to fund sponsorships and travel expenses to retreat centers specializing in helping vets overcome treatment resistant PTSD.


The whole experience is a medicine. It’s not something that you do for recreation. It is a medical treatment that reconnects you spiritually and mentally…

John x


“Thank you. You guys… you have saved me.”

Kenneth x

Check out Kenneth’s Story here.

Let’s build something together.


Lance Supernaw +32 16 98 15 92

Badge Tony - Behind the Badge.

The Spark

“I remember the flashbacks were so intense and so real I felt like I was right back in the middle of the shooting. We all have to find different ways to cope and heal from our past. Let’s share some coping skills everyone has learned while battling their demons?”


A Message to Veterans

Warrior Spirit Retreat

Dan Nevins

Dan’s mission is simple: to get more veterans and wounded warriors onto a yoga mat. In order to do so, he’s putting his own money into the game and creating a non-profit, the Warrior Spirit Retreat (WSR). Want to support Dan?

Speaker and Yoga Teacher

``My whole platform is for you to invite a veteran to yoga, because it just might save their life.``
Dan x

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