A Sense of Purpose.

Coach Mike Chadwick.

Okay, I am glad to see that army is opening to outer world and Mike makes part of this new world where the wounded warriors become wounded healers. I am a fan of performance and obvioulsy he is not bad looking which itself is not a fault lol Mike is a military man with an […]


Clinical psychologist diagnoses wonder woman.

Purpose of Evaluation Wonder Woman initially sought evaluation and treatment due to feelings of anxiety, depression, and difficulties maintaining a satisfying romantic relationship. In my initial evaluation, I found Ms. Woman remarkably free of psychopathology, without a trace of any diagnosable mental illness. However, this does not mean that her symptoms are not real. Indeed, […]


Who dares wins.

Hi gals and boys, I am actually closing my work for Amazon Italy. My last inspiration comes from British Air Force and Special Forces mottos and logo. I hope you enjoy this article I found on Thriathlon and Ironmen “shock cycles” and I am grateful to the ex military who is now Thriathlon coach for […]