About Beautiful Me

antoooThis is my PTSD Beautiful Trauma Project.

If you came through this page we shall likely be very similar types. Empathic, highly sensitive persons and warriors.  In september 2015, I was diagnosed burn out, that means that I couldn’t sleep more than 3-4 hours per night, due to unhealthy working schedules and, PTSD, due to stress disorders and traumatic Paris attacks related. Sure, I felt completely LOST and definitely, I was. So, thanks to a work psychoterapist, I’ve started a Self discovery talk therapy. But I choosed to follow any medical treatments, and my beautiful, old styled, french physician, Doctor of the World, agreed completely. He suggested me to walk en plein air, look at the clouds… and find my purpose. Which I did. Then yoga, creativity and books made the difference.

After sick leave, I took over my job again, gradually. On a part time regular bases. Understanding that my attitude was too much perfectionist, and that I was giving to my job too much energy, was the good path to recover. Today, finally, I am at the break point with my professional career path. Which way? Mine.