What’s PTSD?

“It’s a War within your Self that you can win.”

Art name: Parisian Sparkle. Age: 45 Blooming Season.

She won’t change the World to make people suffer less, but she might inspire you to do Something with that Pain and spread the (Self) Love.

Parisian Sparkle’s Author Page on Amazon

A Visual Turn: Comic and Art after Trauma and Wound Healing.

“3 Golden Keys to Success”

Find my artwork exposed in my Podbeans (you can download below in RSS format) and published in my blog.

NEW! Logo’s Launch is Popping Here.

What am I doing here?

When I created PTSD Beautiful Trauma, in 2018, the first time, the website had the intention to share my personal journey with the rest of the world and inspire other Souls likewise: my recovery coping with PTSD and my fight, in a retraining program of a world company, against stigma. This time, after being confirmed in my position, 3 years after breaking down and 5 years in the aftermath of Paris attacks, I feel more focused and my actual purposes are 1. spreading and rising PTSD and Mental Health awareness in a creative and artistic way 2. showing my self and telling my story in order to guide you through the Butterfly stages and the Dark Night of the Soul 3. building a beautiful Resilience Community.

As Parisian Sparkle, I am Author on Amazon (2018), speak 5 languages (Italian, French, English, German and Spanish), long career in Tourism, got skills as catalyst in special events/Festivals organisation to promote the Native American Cultures with Blackfeet Goodstriker Family and ethnologist Carla Fornasari Red Eagle Woman adopted by Indian Tribes; I have also been proud jury and mentoring local poets in Italian high schools in 2000s. Born in Rimini, Italy, in a dark moon, I moved to France in 2007 at age 33. My first self published dystopic memoir (Italian only) is a track of my healing journey during trauma, and my new countercultural Self-help book is on the go in 2020 (English version). In 2018, I attended a School for Sophrology, “Institut de Formation”, in Paris, where I learnt how to use my Voice for Visualisation and you can follow Me, on the You Tube Channel, as Coping with PTSD Beautiful Trauma for Guided Meditations. When I was in the hardships of my private storm, I promised my Self to give a “happy end” to this story, so let the story begins.

You can buy my Visualization and support my work here: A Walk in Nature. And you can find me on Etsy, too.

Oh BTW, I have a Paypal tipjar if you want to help me with buying more Pastel Cards and improve my Artwork.

You mean, what’s a nice girl like me doing in a dump like this, instead of raising a family? Simple. I own a third of Murphy’s operation, I’m not that nice, and these monkeys… are my family.

What’s PTSD?

Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition that’s triggered by a terrifying event — either experiencing it or witnessing it. Symptoms may include flashbacks, nightmares and severe anxiety, as well as uncontrollable thoughts about the event.

Dan Nevins, Iraqi Veteran, today effective Yoga Teacher and Speaker, got a Message, Here.

The books which smash it.

Are you a passenger on a ghost ship or are you a pilot?

Me too, My-self, I have been a ghost ship, passing by last 5 years. Or maybe even much longer. Where damn have I been all this forgetful time? Well, I’ve found my shelter in the Present Moment. My hut, my happy go-to place: My inner Self.

Thank you, Darren, for reminding Me my passion for Photography, although this has cost me long nights in November emptying my digital shelves (where did I ever put that cat down the road lol) Yes, sleepless for a good cause, for once.

Congratulations. You found a boat. In the middle of the ocean, of all places.

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