Diana Speaks Podcast: Diana Reads… My Name is Sinead O’Connor.

https://open.spotify.com/episode/0Wp5TwwUT1AogPrVlDNwSK?si=MNYGxPJkQIeZpPjE5ynGxw Oh, you will read alot on Sinead O’Connor, on Wikipedia, and on gossipy newspapers. I will skip the religious buzz. I have been a fan of Sinead since I was a teenager. To be frank, I had lost her track until 2016, when she was missing in Chicago for 24 hours. My friend warnedContinue reading “Diana Speaks Podcast: Diana Reads… My Name is Sinead O’Connor.”

Sam Springsteen is Now a firefighter.

  I know, I admit I have been young, wild and free.. it was a long time ago 😉 This last hour’s made my day. Following the news about the Boss and his humble son, I am taking a chance to share this interview about this beautiful human that will NEVER die. Call me DianaContinue reading “Sam Springsteen is Now a firefighter.”

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