I Bet You Didn’t Know Captain America was a Jew!

Captain America was born in 1941, as the nation stood at the brink of war. “There was a tremendous search for villains at that time,” recalls Simon. “That was when (Batman’s nemesis) the Joker was created. Jack and I took a look at the world and decided that Adolf Hitler had to be the ultimateContinue reading “I Bet You Didn’t Know Captain America was a Jew!”

Life is a Walking. Native American Wisdom.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=niRs_VIqzYULately, I am rediscovering Native American Wisdom. You will notice, once my work is OUT, that the Lakota and Blackfoot made a real impact in my life. I have been reading Indian books since early age, I was living in Italy, at that time, and there was this cosy bookstore Il Giardino dei Libri thatContinue reading “Life is a Walking. Native American Wisdom.”

The Reality of Life for a Commando.

The lad that quits first. In the first ten minutes you see the recruits arriving at the school, they do the first briefing, before engaging for 28 days and the test of the capture. I like how the officers react to the “humbling bravery” of the young man standing for himself and saying “I justContinue reading “The Reality of Life for a Commando.”

The power of Storytelling.

Stories are how we think and how we make meaning of our lives. What happens when the only story you tell yourself is the one about your mental illness?   https://youtu.be/sh1-9xMZIfQThe power of storytelling | Andrea Gibbs | TEDxPerth – YouTube

The Power of Attention.

What’s up readers? I hope that you are all doing well. How do you keep active and busy if you are not working? How do you cut off from digital tools and social media? To be honest with you, my mental health has been in a dark place recently, I associate this blues with theContinue reading “The Power of Attention.”

Sliding doors: create your luck.

Create your luck by Sharon Walker Sun 13 Sep 2020 12.00 BST Last modified on Wed 16 Sep 2020 13.45 BST   Dr Christian Busch has had a lucky life. He narrowly escaped a catastrophic car accident at the age of 18. The car was wrecked but he walked away without a scratch. It was justContinue reading “Sliding doors: create your luck.”

The Benefits of Meditation – 47 reasons.

  Hi Folks, did I say Happy New Year? Today I got this mail from Katie Holmes, uh, nope, not “that” Katie Holmes 🙂 She is doing a great job about collecting comments on the Benefits of Meditation. Here she is: 47 People Comment On The Benefits of Meditation Has Brought Them My name isContinue reading “The Benefits of Meditation – 47 reasons.”

Power of Story: Michael Sugrue Police + Air Force Veteran.

Power of Story : “First Responders: Coffee and Conversation” Facilitated by: U.S. Air Force Veteran and Retired Chief of Police Dave Weiner and Sara Correll. Special Guest: Retired Police Sergeant & Former Air Force Captain Michael Sugrue We discuss traumatic incidents and the toll they took on our personal and professional lives. More importantly we talk aboutContinue reading “Power of Story: Michael Sugrue Police + Air Force Veteran.”

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