My Etsy Shop

Disclaimer: my Etsy Shop will start up with a print-on-demand that makes items, like travel mugs and T-shirts, in Hannibal, Missouri. We wish to start small… slowly, but surely. Also, the Wonder Warrior Project started as book launch in American English for an American audience. The catalogue makes it simple for delivery and shipping fares.Continue reading “My Etsy Shop”

Goodbye virus-ridden 2020, hello Roaring Twenties.

Please, notice that I am not the author of this article, in fact, my blog is meant for educational purpose only, and following the fair use copyright law. There are good reasons to believe that a decade of strong growth and social ebullience lies ahead.   A century ago, the world finally put the 1918-20Continue reading “Goodbye virus-ridden 2020, hello Roaring Twenties.”

Remaster your Mind – British Army Veteran Gareth Evans.

Hi Tribe 🙂   I hope you are all doing well. Me, I have been quite busy. And I like it. First, my new job is challenging my skills with human resources, and law norms adapting to the present situation. Some of you might remember when I have started writing this blog, I was notContinue reading “Remaster your Mind – British Army Veteran Gareth Evans.”

22 a day? Welcome home.

Mullane: A Vietnam vet wants to stop veteran suicides JD MULLANE   | Bucks County Courier Times It’s a statistic that haunts Steve Gibson — an average of 22 U.S. veterans kill themselves each day. “I saw that number and I haven’t been able to forget it. I was appalled,” said Gibson, 69, a Vietnam-era Army vet and retiredContinue reading “22 a day? Welcome home.”

The Emotional impact of COVID-19: it’s Pandemic!

Yeah, such a good way to start on a Monday :-p Despite what we might think, it concerns not only health care or the first-responders, the emergency is touching all. If we want to create this social web to really help each-others, we do not have much choice than  sharing and caring. I am likeContinue reading “The Emotional impact of COVID-19: it’s Pandemic!”

How to find yourself: look better.

I won’t lie to you, I have never read Nietzsche, except quotes, nor I could stand Schopenhauer (the one who stated that men and women are just made to reproduce themselves by nature, and that’s it. No conflict. No marriage. No relationship. No growth… Love as an invention to sell Valentines). They were terrific. ToContinue reading “How to find yourself: look better.”

The Medicine of Chaos: the Fool (or the Sacred Heyoka Empath).

So, what does this mean to be a Heyoka Empath? An Empath is a person who has the conscious frequency to understand the emotional state o f another individual experience. There are many different levels of the Empath frequency and many vibrational levels that grants the physical body what many call gifts and abilities. It’sContinue reading “The Medicine of Chaos: the Fool (or the Sacred Heyoka Empath).”

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