The 5 Best Things About Living in America

Good Morning America 🙂 Here is an Italian Lady calling from Parisian suburbian. I am working for a multicultural and multiracial american company since 13 years NOW. Diversity is one of our KEYS and one of major real reasons why I have sticked into it that far. I wish I could share my global mind with the rest of the world, and it’s no secret… this website and my writing are addressed to an american public. First, because I had an American Dream since early age, in fact Italy is a mirror of american Country (only 30 or maybe 50 years later) and second, I feel it as karmic. That’s it. This morning I am glad I found this like in my WP page, let’s unfold an ideal bridge over troubled water and yes, CELEBRATE our diversity and global community. I am eager to start discussion with you, young lady, on my baby born group. You would be the first and very Welcome !!! ps. helen, the group is meant as support group but I never said mental health as label to topics, it’s open and the fact that we can share about ANYTHING is maybe what makes the difference to other groups …. Amazing Warriors fight for any good cause, you validate my choice for the right cover image 😉 Until soon x

Crispy Confessions

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Recently, I asked this question on Twitter:

With everything going on in the US, I was genuinely curious what people really thought and felt about this country.

Growing up, I was raised by a mom, who was probably the most realistic person I’ve ever met. She refused to be swayed in the magic of the American Dream that just seemed to happen out of thin air to some people. She knew that in order for that to be a reality you had to work at it. Nothing in life was free after all. She knew that America wasn’t the land with the golden roads and endless opportunities.

America was real. It was as real as the air that you breathed in inner-city Detroit or the smoke permeating…

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