nick lorenz: i don’t suffer from ptsd, i battle with pts.

Hi ladies, and all folks, i know you loved this guy as much as I did. So you get some more…

With courtesy of Nick Lorenz.

I had just started my Marine adventure in June of 1996. I quickly learned, adapted and loved the structure and culture of Marine life and mindset.

This is what I kinda picked up in my journey in military. I learned and believed PTSD could only happen to the “hardest of hard” who experienced the hells of war.

Fast forward to 2016 and I found myself in bad shape from carrying this belief in my head. I couldn’t possibly have PTSD and blew this off for years while I “battled” addictions, anxiety, depression, ocd and bipolar. All of these blend into PTSD.

With courtesy of Nick Lorenz.

That’s my bad from being in denial because I knew I was in bad shape but I hoped I could just manage it and ride out the rest of my life.
I almost did and for many years did a decent job of being a highly functioning professional and dad.

I hid it (pain and addiction) from everyone including myself. I lied lied lied to myself out of fear that I may be broken and suffering. I was afraid of being exposed as a fraud. Inside I was scared to death.

Everyday folks and the most elite of elite can experience and have PTSD to battle for life.
I love the “I don’t suffer I battle” mentality. I am not and will never accept being a victim and someone who “suffers”. Why? Because I did this and put me in a bad place of helplessness.

Yes I have said I am a mental health “sufferer”in past and even recently for people to relate and understand. I did for sure suffer.
I look at mental health now as a gift to make what u want with it.

1. ACCEPTING the diagnosis of mental health wether it be mild anxiety or schizophrenia. Own it accept it.

2. KNOW your diagnosis. Fear is most often related to the “not knowing” what that scary something is going to do or how am I going “to control it”. Educate yourself by getting to know the condition.

3. DO SOMETHING about it.
Ok you’re struggling and your life is upside down. New diagnosis or situation to deal with and it’s frightening.

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